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Q)   How will the site be managed during the construction period?

A)   Access to the site will be via Balfour Avenue and Westfield Way where practicable.   Drop zones will be situated at the entrances to site.  The purpose of the drop zones is for large vehicles to park without obstructing the public highway.  Onsite parking areas will be formed to cater for all site parking and material storage.

Initially temporary site office will be established, with a permanent compound to follow which will provide office facilities, welfare facilities and parking for site operatives.

Roads will be kept clean by onsite sweeping and reinforced with mechanical sweeping when conditions dictate.


Q)  How is security of the site going to be managed during the construction period?

A)   Security will be managed by:

  • Access to site only through locked gates which will be manned;
  • All site visitors to be recorded and inducted;
  • Heras fencing to be used to fill in any gaps in the site boundary.


Q)   How is noise and dust going to be controlled during the construction period?

A)     All machinery and equipment will be serviced regularly to meet the BS standards for noise emissions.

Site roads will be swept regularly.  Dust emissions will be and watered down where necessary.

Q)   What are the working hours for the site?

A)     Working hours will be 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and are restricted by planning conditions.

Weekend work will be avoided where possible.


Q)   How can I find out about construction information?

A)   Information regarding progress and site wide issues will be updated in a variety of ways:

  • Posted on public notice boards located in public areas on the site boundary;
  • Published at regular committee meetings;
  • Via regular updates posted on this website.


Q)   Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A)     Please use the form on the ‘Contact’ tab on this site.  Alternatively the contacts are:

Evolution for all community initiatives, general enquiries, information for the website and newsletter:


 Q)   Can you please outline the construction plan?

A)     Yes, work is due to start on site in November 2013 and the PFI homes are due to be completed at the end of 2016.  Detailed information on the construction programme can be found on the construction page.


Upcoming Events

  • Summer Event – Crocodile Encounter

    Come and join us and Sythwood Childrens Centre for a Crocodile Encounter.

    Free to all and located in the play area of Jelley Way.

  • Summer Event – Change 4 Life

    Eat well, Move more, Live longer

    Join us for a family friendly event exploring the principles of Change 4 Life.

  • Summer Event – Raver Tots

    Raver Tots is a family rave where kids and grownups can hit the dance floor and let off some steam together!

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